People have the greatest knowledge about the communities where they live, work and play.

But how often is this community knowledge captured and used to inform or transform the places they live in?

Map May Say uses public participation to capture community knowledge and sentiment for future planning and design decisions of the places people care about.

It’s an interactive map-based survey tool, made for community consultation and collaboration, that sources information directly from people living in the area.


Map My Say


Capture community input

The interactive mapping tool lets community members mark the places, spaces and projects they want to talk about.

The tool captures comments, memories, stories, and experiences directly onto a digital map and creates a picture to show the values and uses shared about these places and spaces.

The result is meaningful, place-based data that unlocks the intelligence and knowledge of the local community. The data can be imported directly into GIS software and set a benchmark for the evaluation of future community impacts.

Visualise and test design proposals

The tool allows you to include visualisations of project plans and designs and receive direct community feedback.

Mapping layers and images can be customised to present a range of design ideas for community members to explore and have their say on.

This allows community members to provide input into the designs of future places and spaces, so they have a hand in shaping the community they feel most connected to.

Measure health and wellbeing impacts

The design of the built environment is integral to encouraging positive health and well-being outcomes.

We have significant experience in measuring a range of physical, social, and mental health and wellbeing outcomes that provide essential intelligence and knowledge of the immediate population, to help guide planning and design decisions that will shape future health-promoting places and communities.

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